Founding Member of MCC-NCR

Mohammed Azhar Ali Khan

Mohammed Azhar Ali Khan is a retired journalist, civil servant and refugee judge. He has received the Order of Canada, the Order of Ontario and the Queen's Golden and Diamond Jubilee medals for his work as a journalist, leadership of Muslims and efforts to promote understanding between Canadians of diverse backgrounds. He founded the Muslim Coordinating Council of the National Capital Region which seeks to uplift the vulnerable in the community and also work with other Canadians to promote human rights, dignity, justice and equality for all Canadians


Tahawar Mahmood Rana

Vice President

Ida Rafiqah

Vice President

Akbar Manoussi


Atiq Rehman

Joint Secretary

Sabina Syed


Dania Balaa

Joint Treasurer

Suzanne Osman

An Ex-officio member, Past President

Gulam Madari


Sahada Alolo

Irfan Sheikh

May Jebara

Nacer Abdellaoui

Yazan Nasreddin

Fariha Shoaib

Hassan Talib
Member (youth)

Gulam Madari
An Ex-officio member, Past President

Supporters and Committee Heads

Anwar ul Haq
Past President /Supporter

M. Zakaria Khan
Past President /Supporter

Tariq Ahsan
Media Relations, and By-Laws

Naseem A. Reta
Editor and Compiler of the newsletters

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Events Committee